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catno composer title subtitle
198503WebberElgar's Overture for orchestra
198705WebberSonata for flute & piano
198907WebberGenesis for soprano mezzo contralto bass & orchestra
199502WebberKaliedaphone trio for flute violin & piano
199805WebberTriptych for clarinet trumpet & piano
199913WebberThingol & Melian for orchestra
200113WebberHobbit Overture for orchestra
200304WebberOriginal Din layered improvisations for (solo!) piano 3 h&s
200408WebberSuite no. 1 for orchestra
200410WebberCharacter Pieces for strings
200411WebberSuite no. 2 for orchestra
200412WebberThree Latin Dances for small orchestra
200507WebberMinstrel Boy for orchestra
200508WebberTrio for violin cello & piano
200509WebberViolin Sonata for violin & piano
200510WebberSeven Canons & for string orchestra
200511WebberSymphony no 9 for orchestra
200513WebberLudicrous Canonicus quartet for flute oboe clarinet & bassoon
200515WebberViolin Sonata for violin & piano
200520WebberFolk Songs for 4 instruments
200521WebberFive Folksong Fantasies for flute violin cello
200527WebberThree Movements for flute violin & cello
200528WebberLudus Canonicus for string quartet
200610WebberSymphony no 10 for orchestra
200611WebberViolin Concerto no for violin & orchestra
200701WebberTempest opera after Shakespeare
200703WebberCanticles for satb & orchestra
200704WebberViolin Sonata for violin & piano
200905WebberSymphony no 1 for orchestra
200906WebberXanadu for orchestra
200908WebberStepping Stones for orchestra
200909WebberEirene for orchestra
200910WebberBaldr for orchestra
200911WebberHathor for orchestra
200912WebberSaraswati for orchestra
201001WebberABC for orchestra
201002WebberLittle Suite for small orchestra
201003WebberFour Songs for high voices & piano
201008WebberLife Of Benedict for orchestra
201009WebberCello Concerto for cello & orchestra
201011WebberSong of the for orchestra
201101WebberString Quartet no
201102WebberEleven Ditties for piano
201201WebberAn Ecumenical Requiem for soprano mezzo baritone satb & orchestra
201202WebberAubade for strings
201301WebberPerpetual Mobile for three piano
201302WebberAvoon DMish Maiya for orchestra
201303WebberEleven Dittes for small orchestra
201304WebberSymphony 5 for orchestra
201307WebberTwo pf Suites solo for piano
201401WebberFugal Preludes for piano
201404WebberSymphony no 6 for orchestra
201502WebberMiniatures for piano
201503WebberChildrens Songs of Costa Rica for childrens voices & orchestra
201504WebberKoinonia for satb & small orchestra
201506WebberViola Concerto for viola & orchestra
201602WebberImpromptus for piano
201603WebberSymphony no 7 for orchestra
201606WebberSymphony no 8 for orchestra
201701WebberViolin Concerto for violin & orchestra
201702WebberInventions for piano
201704WebberWittgensteins Funeral for orchestra
201708WebberLondon Gents Gehl/Webber musical
201709WebberThree Overtures for orchestra
201801WebberMarilyn in Pieces Gehl/Webber musical
201802WebberDoodles for piano
201803WebberElegie for Departed for small orchestra
201804WebberHung Jury for orchestra (opera & dances)
201805WebberTwelve Sopranos Gehl/Webber musical
201806Webbercello sonata for cello & piano
201901WebberViola Sonata for viola & piano
201902WebberFour Faces for orchestra
201904WebberShow me a Gehl/Webber musical
201905WebberMetamorphosis for orchestra
201908WebberContrapuntals for piano
201909WebberJackie & Marilyn & Bobby & jack Gehl/Webber musical
202001WebberSymphony no 9 for orchestra
202002WebberYeats Songs for baritone & orchestra
202005WebberElegy for JCB for small orchestra
202007WebberPiano Concerto no 4 for piano & orchestra
202008WebberElegy for JG for small orchestra
202009WebberThree Poems for flute & strings
202010WebberElegy for the Sick for small orchestra
202011WebberClarinet Sonata for clarinet & piano
202012WebberPiano Sonata for piano
202013WebberOboe Sonata for oboe & piano
202014WebberTrumpet Sonata for trumpet & piano
202015Webberbassoon sonata for bassoon & piano
202018WebberElegy for HC for small orchestra
202101WebberSymphony no 10 for orchestra
202102WebberAspidistra Isl& for orchestra
202103WebberE Tenebris for orchestra
202104WebberTriple Concerto for flute viola harp & strings
202105WebberTomfoolery of RS for orchestra
202106WebberSonnets for soprano & piano
202107WebberPiano Quintet for piano & string quartet
202108WebberFlute Concerto for flute & orchestra
202109WebberViolin Concertino for violin & small orchestra
202110WebberBassoon Concertino for bassoon & small orchestra
202111WebberString Quartet no 6
202112WebberFive Piano Fantasies for piano
202113WebberInventions for piano
202201WebberTempest Nuptials for singers narrators dancers & small orchestra
202202WebberFanfare Finale for brass b&
202204WebberEnglish Pastiche for orchestra
202205WebberSymphony no 11 for orchestra
202206WebberBeatitudes for orchestra
202207WebberSymphony no 12 for orchestra
202208WebberAn English- German Requiem for soli chorus & small orchestra
202209WebberThe Muses for orchestra
300001ConstableHymns & Anthems vol 1 for voice & pf or organ
300002Constable5 Songs of Presence or soprano & piano
300003WilhoitViolin Concerto no 1 for vln & orchestra
300004NewsomMissa Brevis for chorus & orchestra
300005WilhoitTrio for cl vl pf
300007WilhoitTuba Sonata for tuba & pf
300008NewsomRumi for chorus & orchestra
300009WilhoitVariations & Fugue for string quartet
300011NewsomSymphony of Psalms for chorus & orchestra
300014NewsomKiss The for baritone & string quartet
300015NewsomTuesday Afternoon for chorus & wind octet
300017NewsomSymphony in C minor for orchestra
300018WilhoitQuartet no. 2 for string quartet
300020NewsomSymphony in G minor for orchestra
300021ConstableAutumn for voice & piano
300022ConstableNunc Dimittis for a Funeral for voice or satb & organ
300023NewsomVisible Dream for baritone & piano
300024NewsomWeek in Review the for baritone voice & piano
300025NewsomThe Hours for tenor baritone & bass voices
300027WilhoitSymphony no 4 for orchestra
300028WilhoitFugal Overture for orchestra
300029WilhoitSymphony no 5 for orchestra
300030WilhoitVariations on Thomas Campion Theme for orchestra
300032WilhoitYet Anothe (Blake) Song for satb & piano
300032WilhoitSymphony no 6 for orchestra
300033WilhoitFive Shakespeare Songs for tenor & piano
300034WilhoitFlute Concedrto for flute & orchestra
300035WilhoitViolin Concerto no 2 for vln & orchestra
300036WilhoitVariations on Ethel Smyth for orchestra
300037WilhoitSymphony no 1 for orchestra
300038WilhoitSymphony for Brass for trps hms trbns, euph & tuba
300040WilhoitHorn Concerto for horn & orchestra
300041WilhoitDoor The for E flat clt & smallish orchestra
300042WilhoitTrio for flute cello & piano
300044WilhoitQuintet for 4 bassons & contrabassoon
300045WilhoitQuartet for string quartet
300046WilhoitSerenade for Winds for string quartet,/td>